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Welcome to Crowdcom, crowdmanagement specialist for events

For large and complex events, crowdmanagement has become a definite necessity. Organizers have the responsibility to offer their visitors a safe event, by applying a certain level of safety standards. This is why organizers have an increasing need to understand and eliminate potential risks in advance, instead of having to deal with them later. Crowdcom is specialized in precautionary risk-analysis for events and helps (festival) organizers to ensure a high safety standard. We do this by using innovative techniques such as lay-out planning, event simulation, information management and visitor count systems. Prior to the event, we identify potential risks at bottlenecks and throughout walking routes, and give advise on how they can be eliminated. Additionally, we can monitor and act upon safety problems throughout the event. For this we use accurate visitor-count systems, video monitoring and other innovative communication systems. If you want to know more about how we have helped events such as Mysteryland, Queensday Eindhoven or Jazz in Duketown with their crowdmanagement, please contact Marijn Roelofsen for a personal presentation.

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Het werk van Crowdcom heeft ons ontzettend geholpen om de veiligheid van ons evenement te verbeteren.
Lo Boelhouwers, Icen Advies
Marijn Roelofsen is een inspirerende en gedreven professional, die instaat is om kennis uit het vakgebied te verbinden en te combineren tot nieuwe producten en inzichten! Vanuit de NHTV werken we heel graag met hem mee aan onderzoek en projecten.
Maarten van Rijn, NHTV

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